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Reward content – November

It’s time to reward yourself for taking the UK Savings Week Challenge!

Nutritionalist and Health Coach Isa Welly shares her top tips for a healthy lifestyle in her exclusive UK Savings Week video. As we head into the festive period, it can be difficult to avoid temptation in terms of what we eat and how we spend.

In Isa’s video, she shares some advice on staying healthy and looking after yourself over the winter months, all on a budget. As she says, prevention is better than cure, in nutrition and your finances!

You can watch Isa’s top tips video video at this YouTube link.

Isa’s Top Tips:

  • Buy food in bulk
  • Prep your meals
  • Batch cook your lunches
  • Invest in a broad spectrum multivitamin
  • And support your gut with a varied diet.