9th 15th Sept 2024

Saving. It all adds up to something good.

UK Savings Week is back and we are on a mission to help make saving simple, easy and rewarding.

Will you #takethesavingschallenge?

It’s good to save

Be ready for whatever

Saving gives you a cushion for unplanned events and emergencies, so you’re covered and have one less (big) thing to worry about, if the unexpected happens.

Reach your goals

Building up your savings helps you do what you want to do, whether it’s buying presents for a family celebration, getting a car or putting together a deposit for a home.

Make more of life

Having a pot of savings opens doors. Just think, you could maybe pay for a qualification that sets you on a new career path, or say ‘YES!’ to a holiday of a lifetime, without going into debt.

Taking the first step

A small start can lead to a big change

Having savings can help you feel relaxed and confident about the future. But how do you get there at a time when everyone’s feeling the pinch?

By concentrating on what you can control, and developing a savings habit little by little, you can start to change your relationship with money.

Realise where you are

Take time to stop and think about your current spending and saving habits.

Set a plan or goal

Set your sights on a new goal. It could be to get a sense of security and control, or to fund a specific life goal.

Make a small start

Think about how you’ll get there, and how you can take control, avoiding pitfalls, like the temptation to buy things you don’t really need.

Don’t worry

It’s OK if you’re not ready to save

Many people are struggling to make ends meet, especially at the moment. You might not be in a position to start your savings journey and that’s OK.

When you do want to find out more about savings, we’ve put together answers to some common questions, as well as simple explanations of any jargon you might come across.

With the cost of living crisis in mind, you’ll also find links to some amazing financial help and support organisations.

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