9th 15th Sept 2024

Savings. They’re what you make of them.

Whether you see your savings as a safety net or a trampoline, a ‘just in case’ account or ‘a trip of a lifetime’ account. Your savings are what you make of them.

It’s good to save

Safety net? Or trampoline?

Will your savings create a sense of security when life throws you a curveball? Or will they help finance an opportunity when it pops up? Your savings are what you make of them.

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£1? Or £100?

How much can you afford to put aside in a savings account at the end of each week or month? You can open some savings accounts with as little as £1 and when you can, add a little more to your savings.

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Save harder? Or save smarter?

Now you’re saving, are you saving smart? Ask your savings providers about the best interest rates and give your savings a boost.

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Don’t worry

It’s OK if you’re not ready to save

Many people are struggling to make ends meet, especially at the moment. You might not be in a position to start your savings journey and that’s OK.

When you do want to find out more about savings, we’ve put together answers to some common questions, as well as simple explanations of any jargon you might come across.

With the cost of living crisis in mind, you’ll also find links to some amazing financial help and support organisations.

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