Steps to positive savings attitudes

Whether it’s taking the first small steps or looking to build towards a savings goal, we’re all about getting you thinking about savings and encouraging better saving habits.

Raising awareness

Our aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of saving and help everyone save if they can – no matter who you are, your circumstances, or how big your ambitions are.

Financial resilience

There are around 11.5 million people in the UK who have less than £100 of savings to fall back on in an emergency. We want to help you have the security of knowing you can deal with the unexpected.

And if you already have a pot of savings, we want to support you in building it up so you can realise your dreams sooner.

Being the focal point

UK Savings Week will get people talking about savings, amplifying the efforts of all organisations, charities and groups who want to see greater financial resilience in households across the country.

This website provides general information and does not take into account the financial situation of the user, so it must not be relied upon as financial advice.

Who supports UK Savings Week

The Building Societies Association, the trade body of UK building societies and seven large credit unions, launched UK Savings Week in 2022.

But UK Savings Week is broader than just building societies and credit unions, as developing the financial resilience and confidence of people across the UK benefits everybody.

The wide variety of supporters and partners of UK Savings Week is shown below.

What are you looking to do with your savings?