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Reward content – February

It’s time to reward yourself for taking the UK Savings Week Challenge!

This month, Tom Leonard, aka the Drag Queen Gardener, shares his exclusive gardening content for those taking the UK Savings Week Challenge.

Tom, an RHS horticulturalist, is on his own savings journey and shares his tips on how to be more in touch with the natural world, but without breaking the budget at the garden centre.

His top five tips for getting joy from growing your own garden include:

  • Annuals. Growing these from seeds will not only bring colour to your garden, but they can also provide lots of mini bouquets for you to bring the brightness indoors.
  • Microgreens. A cost-effective way to eat a delicious fresh salad every day!
  • Tomatoes and chillies. Super easy to grow, even from a windowsill, and as you get so much fruit from each seed you could consider freezing some to give you the taste of summer in the winter months – spicy tomato soup anyone?
  • Herbs. We love to season our food with fresh herbs, but stop spending money on buying them and grow your own in pots.
  • Lavender. Pop it near your doorstep, or under your clothes line or fill a small bag with the flowers and put it under your pillow, and fill your life with the gorgeous scent.

So whilst keeping up your savings challenge, why not try gardening? In Tom’s own words, ‘it’s fabulous!’

You can watch Tom’s tips for having a beautiful garden on a budget here.